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Fred Ashman


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Fred Ashman

Award winning Producer, Director, Writer, Author Consultant

Film & Digital, Video, Live...  


​Founder, owner senior creative,  Multi Image Productions 1975-2013

2014-2019  Multiple directing & writing assignments on location throughout US

               Co- Exec Producer / Director San Diego Film Awards Show

​               Co-Exec Producer / KPBS Broadcast Series 13 episodes 

               Guest Speaker multiple Universities


Directed 10 one-hour episodes music variety talk show (7 camera) broadcast 

        Initial Development new TV Series for International distribution (under contract)

Seminars for Actors, Directors, Producers


Continued TV Series development and direct pilot  The Gloria Gold Show
        Advocate For The Audience Book Release  

Advocate For The Audience For Production Professionals   Book Release

Guest Lecturing Colleges and Professional Groups 

             Scheduled to Shoot Pilot for The Gloria Gold Show late 2019 

Shooting 70mm Hawaii

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