Advocate For The Audience - For Production Professionals

Foreword By Executive Vice President (ret) American Airlines, Mike Gunn

Fred’s “Advocate for the Audience “ illustrates so many of the do’s and don’ts and trails for success, that it should be an important read for both aspiring producers, writers and directors and those of you already engaged.

As a participant on the corporate/client side, I found it to be valuable as well.

The partnership between Multi Image and American Airlines extended well over three decades. I found Fred and his team to be terrific offensive weapons in delivering our message to employees, distributors and customers. I valued them equally for providing the defensive leverage often required in corporate America and for effectively connecting with our audiences time after time.  

With so many past successes, we avoided most of the creative meddling that oftentimes comes from within any organization.  We were able to fend off the constant requests from “Finance”- can’t we find someone to do it cheaper!  

Lastly, they defended my time and got results. Knowing your client and their business sure makes the process easier; the results earned our trust.

Enjoy the read!

Michael W. Gunn

Executive Vice President Marketing & Planning (ret)

American Airlines


Chapter 1 - 

Opportunity Knocks

is all about what to do when you don’t know what to do--when unexpected opportunity and a new potential client put you on the spot. Indecision is not the answer.  Everything you’ve done and every skill and experience you gain have the potential to open doors in your future.

Chapter 2 -

The Circle of Production contains all the steps to succeed in our industry. It is a blueprint of the elements and perspectives which are critical to long-term success.  Look past the obvious and explore the relationship between elements to see how you as a filmmaker need to balance the many different parts of the puzzle. 

Chapter 3 - 

The Moment of Truth

 is about those times when “how you do it” will determine success or failure and your next gig, as much as “what you do.”  Every production has multiple such moments. Recognizing those moments and making each a positive experience will put you ahead of the competition.

Chapter 4 


is all about just that—The Story!  Where do you find the story for a corporate-work or any commissioned assignment?  What do you do when what you are told is notthe real story--or even factual?  This chapter explores different methods to find the best story--the right one that will most likely resonate with your particular audience.  

Chapter 5 

 The Pitch  

The pitch is all about getting the job, presenting a solution, and understanding the client’s need and perspective. While unlike pitching a movie script, the underlying objective is the same--get the job/money all while retaining some control of your project. Learn how and when to take the long-shot and when to walk-away.  It is all about learning perspective and how to succeed.

Chapter 6 - Finding & Keeping Clients.  How do you find, and more importantly, retain a new client? Learn from our experience as our firm tended to keep clients for 10-36 years.  The book also details how and why we lost, or resigned, from certain engagements and clients.

Chapter 7 - Essential Knowledge 

& Production Tips

Knowing what you don’t know but need to know is essential to growing and expanding your company into a bigger production house. The business-side isn’t as much fun as production, but lets you pay your bills. The production tips are proven techniques which will help make your production have more impact and will give you an edge to effectively compete with the best.

Chapter 8 - The Bucket List & 

Taking A Dream Shot 

This chapter details the transition from corporate production producer/director to feature film producer/director/screenwriter.  It includes details of pitch strategies which failed and how changing one thing led to success. It also details how to write great contracts that need no negotiation. All these are part of the twists and turns in the road to being fully funded.  These tips and techniques 

led to the production, distribution and release of a multi-million-dollar feature film that was shown nationwide in 750 plus theaters. The book ends by noting how to measure your success and find people who can be trusted.  

All these lessons learned are fundamental to competing in the high-risk national arena. 

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