Advocate For The Audience - For Production Professionals

Foreword By Executive Vice President (ret) American Airlines, Mike Gunn

Fred’s “Advocate for the Audience “ illustrates so many of the do’s and don’ts and trails for success, that it should be an important read for both aspiring producers, writers and directors and those of you already engaged.

As a participant on the corporate/client side, I found it to be valuable as well.

The partnership between Multi Image and American Airlines extended well over three decades. I found Fred and his team to be terrific offensive weapons in delivering our message to employees, distributors and customers. I valued them equally for providing the defensive leverage often required in corporate America and for effectively connecting with our audiences time after time.  

With so many past successes, we avoided most of the creative meddling that oftentimes comes from within any organization.  We were able to fend off the constant requests from “Finance”- can’t we find someone to do it cheaper!  

Lastly, they defended my time and got results. Knowing your client and their business sure makes the process easier; the results earned our trust.

Enjoy the read!

Michael W. Gunn

Executive Vice President Marketing & Planning (ret)

American Airlines

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What Pros are Saying


Review By Jerry Cesak 

Radio Superstar “Jeff & Jer Showgram, Radio Hall of Fame 2016, Author, Actor, 

TV Host, Animal Advocate

If you want to be in the film/video business, read this book.

If you’re already in the film/video business, read this book.

Fred shares his profound wisdom about the industry with insight, humor and candor.

Read it now before your competition does.

Jerry Cesak.  


Fred, what a great book. It’s well done, readable, interesting, informative, needed, and it should be in all production courses in colleges.

Book Review by Rolland G. Smith 

Every once in a while, an instructive text comes along to help the student, and the professional navigate the pits and falls of cinematic production and video presentations. Fred Ashman's "Advocate For The Audience" is not only instructive; it is inspirational.     He sets the scene of his successful productions by telling "its story" and then the "how to's" and the "over-comes" to the finished product. The entire book is sprinkled with tips to be successful.      I've worked with Fred on several projects and witnessed his insight into what pleases an audience and satisfies a client.           His experienced-based acumen and instructional suggestions are a must-read for every producer, writer, and director.        

Rolland Smith  is former news anchor for WCBS-TV in New York and at super station WWOR-TV in New York,  co-host of “The CBS Morning Program,”  Prior to joining CBS, Rolland Smith worked for Metromedia Television in Washington, DC, as White House and Capitol Hill correspondent. Mr Smith is the recipient of eleven Emmy awards.       


Review By James Alburger 

Acclaimed VO and Audio Designer & Author

"Advocate for the Audience" is one of those rare books that literally has "gold" on every page. Fred Ashman has taken a lifetime of insider information, tips, and production tricks, and compiled it all into a series of stories that are not only entertaining, but also teach exactly what is necessary to be successful as a creative entrepreneur. With several hundred "lessons learned," this book is a fast-track to understanding how to take your business to an entirely new level.   "Advocate for the Audience" is a must-read for anyone working with clients who have an audience... and, if you're reading this... that's you.


Email from George Dawe

 “Fred,  FYI - I used some of your “lessons learned” on my last 6 projects. 

Good stuff, it works.” 

Book Review By George Dawe

“This book deals Directly with issues encountered in the film production industry with actual interesting and extremely relevant examples to help the reader find solutions to the multiple film production problems existing today.” 

Great Read!”

 George Dawe is a busy, successful, independent producer -director  & actor who left his law practice to live his dream.  


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